Monday, February 13, 2006

Ah, youth!

A propos of nothing, I'm going to share with you a heartwarming experience I had on the top deck of the number 4 bus yesterday afternoon. So there.

We're hurtling along Upper Street, when a boy of about 13 gets on just before Highbury Corner. He makes his way up to the top deck, and grabs a seat right at the front, two seats before me. It's raining outside, and it's made the bus windows fog up with the condensed breath of weary passengers. So what does our hero do but lean forward and start to write something onthe glass with his finger. Not having much else to do, I look up to see what it is. It's his name, or at least I assume it is:


Ahh, I think, how sweet, waiting for the inevitable "woz here". But no. Now, what you have to try to imagine here is the painfully long, carefully considered pause this boy took between each stage of his masterpiece, like he was writing War and Peace instead of schoolboy garbage. It was priceless, especially given the fact that he was on his own, and had no one to be offended by what he wrote. The next bit went:

is GAY

Typical! I think to myself. But after 30 seconds or so of pensiveness, it got even better:

For Life

But will that suffice? How about something more, for extra oomph:

...and beyond!!!!!!

I was openly laughing at this point, although quietly. Nothing happened for about 15 minutes, but then, just before he got off the bus, he wrote one final word, just so that we (and Woodzy) were in no doubt as to the seriousness of his message:


Ah, youth! Can I adopt him?


At February 15, 2006 4:50 pm, Blogger sleazenation said...

Does this mean that you are gay for Woodzy too?


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