Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pot, Kettle

This via the Guardian's website:

Union accuses Morrisons of sex bias

Press Association
Wednesday December 28, 2005

Supermarket giant Morrisons was today accused by union leaders of sex discrimination over payouts to staff it is making redundant, three decades since landmark equality laws came into force.

Press Association? Siding with unions against corporate fat cats? The poor sod who had to cover that one must have had a wry smile on his/her face, considering the amount of flak PA itself comes in for at the hands of the NUJ. It seems as thought every issue of Bylines or The Journalist contains a new string of offences against staff, whether it's unpaid overtime, bullying or salary discrimination. The NUJ started a campaign for official recognition by PA at the start of 2005, but to my knowledge this is still a distant prospect.


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