Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's oh so quiet

Ever since the Guardianistas upped sticks and moved to King's Cross, there's been an eerie silence blowing across Farringdon Road. Add to that the fact that businesses on Cowcross Street (home to Farringdon station) are slowly being boarded up ahead of the Crossrail project, and there is a distinct ghost-town feeling in the air.

You may have noticed that the job market is also pretty quiet these days! Those of us who were desperately trying to escape crap jobs and move on to something better pretty much have to suck it for the foreseeable future and just be grateful for still being employed. A bit like purgatory.

We had a meeting at my office yesterday where our new director announced more job flexibility between different roles, including between analysts and editors. Could this be more evidence that the Roy Greenslade school of thought on subbing is catching on? Let's hope not.