Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Under a rock

God, isn't it amazing how a change in job can mean a complete disengagement from the outside world? I feel like I've been living under a rock for the past few days. I started my new role as a pharmaceutical research analyst last week, and in the process have managed to miss out on such earth-shattering news as:
  • The IRA declaring an end to the use of violence as a means of attaining political goals.
  • The launch of the space shuttle Discovery.
  • King Fahd of Saudi Arabia passing away.
  • And, worst of all, Jude Law cheating on Sienna Miller with the nanny! Shock horror!

However, I was informed about the EU approval of a new paediatric form of the epilepsy drug Keppra, manufactured by Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB. So there. (Also, on a serious note, I did manage to catch the news about the hateful race murder of Liverpool teen Antony Walker and the stabbing to death of Richard Whelan on a London bus, so I've heard enough to know that England's still as full of lowlifes as it ever was.)

It might be tricky for me to update this blog as regularly from now on, now that I've got a job that actually requires a bit of creative thinking beyond where to place commas, but I'm determined to make a go of it. In particular, I've got a major bone to pick with Islington Council and EC1 New Deal over the shitty way they treat tenants who live in the area. People's lives come cheap these days, it seems. So stay tuned for that.


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