Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Glamorous World of... Chris Tarrant

We spotted Chris at the Moe's Deli restaurant in the departure lounge of Trudeau International airport in Montreal, taking the last few swigs from a gigantic tankard of ale and chatting quietly with his son, who must be about 12.

By coincidence we ended up sitting at the table next to theirs, and my lovely boyfriend "accidentally" dropped his bag next to Tarrant as we got up and headed for the bar. Chris obligingly picked it up for him and thanked us when we said how much we enjoyed the show.

Unsurprisingly he was on our flight back to London as well, but rather more surprisingly, both he and Tarrant Jr. eschewed the comforts of business class and sat in coach with the rest of us. Upon arriving at Heathrow, we spotted him again, slightly pink-eyed after a sleepless night, pushing a trolley laden with fishing rods away from the baggage claim. Bless.


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