Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pop goes the world

Let's see, in the past three weeks we've had a general election, a grenade thrown at Dubya in Georgia, Kylie's breast cancer announcement, Galloway storming the US Senate, Uzbek massacres, the impending Eurovision circus, Cannes 2005, Ron Jeremy and Flavor Flav appearing on The Farm, Abi "£100k minimum" Titmuss and Rebecca Loos appearing in yet another lame-duck reality show AND Manchester United being taken over by Florida multi-millionaire Malcolm Glazer.

But in the meantime, where the hell is Popbitch? Just when things are starting to get interesting, my weekly dose of gossip, alt. news and, well, fiction disappears! And it's not just me, several fellow subscribers have reported similar erratic delivery, or even a lack of delivery altogether. Come on Popbitch, get it together. My inbox is lonely without you, and I need a reason to look forward to Thursdays. It's not much fun getting all your news from the BBC.


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