Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tell it like it is

James Murphy distills perfectly the feeling all North Americans get upon first arriving in Europe, in the latest LCD Soundsystem single, North American Scum. You know exactly what I mean. Americans who immediately say "I didn't vote for him" upon being introduced to you. Dealing with the constant stares and double-takes when talking louder than a whisper in public. The usually male geeks who have never left North America in their lives but try to give themselves a cachet by becoming walking encyclopedias of Britpop, and then are all heartbroken when they make their first visit to England and can't figure out why everybody isn't tripping over themselves to watch Coldplay perform at Live Aid.

I especially like the sarcastic "But don't blame the Canadians" right at the end, as in, how come everybody hates us but not them? Don't feel too bad, James. There may be some advantages to being a small country that everyone ignores, but at the same time, there's only one thing worse than being talked about...

Anyway folks, one for the iPod/turntable/stereo.


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