Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meltdown (updated)

It begins...

  • Tom Watson MP has resigned from government.
  • A memo has been leaked outlining plans for Tony Blair to step down in one last blaze of PR glory.
  • 17 MPs have signed a letter calling for him to step down.
  • The Sun, Mirror, Mail et al have gone mad trying to see who can use the biggest font in spelling out "May 31st".

It's all very sad.

However, I'm enjoying reading Rob Newman's take on all of this, as a Labour Party member, and as a student Labour leader. It's a good insight into what effect the uncertainty is having on Labour's next generation.

* * *

UPDATE: Blair has finally confirmed that he will be leaving... but not before September 2007. He's still refusing to name an exact date, although to be honest I really can't see why he needs to give one. Given that the summer recess will occur before next September, for all intents and purposes he will have stopped governing before September is actually reached. For the love of god, give it a rest. I sometimes wonder if the Labour party even wants to win the next election. The way they're going about thing, it doesn't look like it.

* * *

UPDATE (2): Noooo! That's the first time I've seen Michael Howard on TV in months. Everyone wants to be in at the kill,it seems. Bloody CNN plasma screens clamped to our office walls... There is no escape!


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