Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bullshit, Mom!

Not to make light of another country's political woes or anything, but some of the quotes from Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany's leaked tape recording have been pretty hilarious.

I particularly like this one:

Since they know my mother's name [Katus Gyurcsány] in Pápa [hometown], she receives better service, damn it! She did not understand what was happening. Has the healthcare system been mended, my son? I tell her: Bullshit, Mom! The truth is that now your family name rings a bell. That's scandalous.

(As an aside, I also love how Gyurcsany used to be "Sports Minister". I just find there's something very Soviet-sounding about it. Conjures up all sorts of images of ping-pong, weight-lifting and gymnasts called Yuri spinning around on dusty old parallel bars with no mats underneath. And yes, I know Britain has a similar position, but "Minister for Sport" sounds much more English than Gyurcsany's old title.)


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