Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guess who's back..... back again.

Bunting's back, tell a friend.

She actually makes a few good points, particularly about the government's lack of ideas on how best to "engage" with the Muslim community. She's still falling into the trap of making sweeping claims about rampant Islamophobia without really backing them up with evidence, though. Oh, and making the Muslim Brotherhood and the MCB seem a lot more cuddly than they really are. But as soon-to-be director of the thinktank Demos, maybe she knows something I don't? Or indeed, maybe not.

And what's up with writing another rant for the Guardian less than two months after having published an emotional farewell piece? Missing the limelight, are we? I'm sure it's not the vociferous critics on Comment is Free that have lured Ms Bunting back to the paper so soon.

* * *

UPDATE: Anderson takes it one step further.


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