Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rory Carroll kidnapped

Statement from The Guardian
Wednesday October 19, 2005

The Guardian today confirmed that its Baghdad correspondent Rory Carroll, an Irish citizen, is missing, believed kidnapped, in Iraq.
Rory Carroll, 33, was on assignment in Baghdad earlier today when he went missing. It is believed Mr Carroll may have been taken by a group of armed men.
The Guardian is urgently seeking information about Mr Carroll's whereabouts and condition.

Here's what the Guardian had to say about it today.


UPDATE: I'm extremely happy to see that Rory has now been released. Here is the Guardian's report on his freeing. Mr Carroll does seem to be of the "what a guy" school of journalists, reportedly cool, calm and collected, and enjoying a beer within hours of his release. And, as Res Publica light-heartedly puts it, it would appear that Shi'a insurgents are the ones to be captured by, if you're going to be abducted at all.


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