Friday, November 12, 2004

Abandon Ship!

Okay, you know it's time to get your ass into gear and look for a new job when...

We published a series of pieces last week discussing the impact on different parts of the world of a second term in office for Bush (yes, us and everyone else, I know). The one on Europe was particularly tragic; badly written, lacking in coherance and missing a lot of key countries (UK and France, anyone?). But despite many a plea from the editorial board to pull the story entirely until it was better written, it was given the go-ahead from the boss. Mainly because he wrote it. Well, some of it.

Today, however, I found out that he eventually did change some of what he wrote. And why? Because he got word from the company that is due to take us over in a few months' time that the piece "was too hard on Bush."

Oh. My. Fucking. Lord.

Working for the man is one thing, but being part of Bush's whitewashing machine is quite another, no matter how small a part in it we may be playing. I'm offski.


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